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The Responsible Way to a Great Looking Lawn!
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·   What is the Safety Lawn Care Guarantee? 
The Safety Lawn Care guarantee is simple.  If after 10-14 days of fertilizer application, you feel that your lawn is not responding well to the treatment, we will come out and re-treat your lawn for FREE.  Just give us a call and speak to one of our "Eager to Help You" representatives.

·    What is Safety Lawn Care "Better Green"? 
"Better Green" is more than a catch phrase.  It's more about the process of being green, living greener, and doing the best for your lawn and life, with the least amount of negative impact on the world around us.  Think of it as a natrual partner for your reduced Carbon Footprint.  It's the way we do things whereas we apply the smallest chemical footprint possible while still offering you, our  valued customer, the most beautiful lawn possible.  It's more than just minimizing waste.  We endeavor to MAXIMIZE the Beauty of your lawn while minimizing any potential negative impacts on the natural world around you!  We will diagnose your lawn and determine what is needed while steering you away from applications that simply aren't necessary.  It's about maximizing results and offering the most mutually beneficial outcome possible.   You get a lushous green lawn and Mother Nature remains happy and content.  This is the Ultimate WIN-WIN scenario!    

·    Why should I water my lawn?         
Water is essential for living organisms, including grass. Water is necessary for many plant processes but it is essentially important for transpiration – the evaporation of water from the leaf surface that cools the plant. Remember that green grass is about 90% water. During normal summers in Michigan, rainfall is not sufficient to keep a lawn green and growing. High temperatures, high humidity, and lack of rainfall will take their toll on turf quality. Grass then becomes dormant, turns brown and growth stops. The lawn normally recovers when adequate moisture becomes available again. 
·    How much should I water?
To keep your lawn growing and green, we recommend ¾ - 1½ inches of water per week. Deep watering will penetrate deeper into the soil and is less likely to dry rapidly. This practice will help your lawn grow a deeper root system and preserve the water for uptake. During very dry periods in the summer, it may be necessary to increase watering. Always check with local municipalities for watering restrictions. 
·    When should I water?
Early morning watering is most effective as this will hydrate the lawn prior to becoming dry in the heat of the day. Afternoon watering can result in excessive evaporation and therefore not cost effective. Evening watering can be done when temperatures stay above 68 degrees. Watering in the evening when temperatures are low can invite diseases to develop.

Safety Lawn Care offers all our valued customers guaranteed lawn service.  If, after 10 to 14 days of your fertilizer application, you feel that your lawn hasn't responded well, we will come out and retreat your lawn at no cost to you.  Just call us and let us know.  This is OUR GUARANTEE to our valued customers!
No small print necessary. We truly are here to help you make your lawn beautiful! Year after year!